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One on One Coaching

One-on-One Multifamily Coaching OK. You already understand what multifamily is. Maybe you have studied it for several weeks, months, or even years. What’s stopping you from getting into your first deal? Fear? Lack of confidence? Lack of knowledge? Get Ready To Level Up. You wouldn’t believe how common it is that people who have studied …

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Multifamily Underwriting Course

Multifamily Underwriting Course As a real estate syndicator, you have a fiduciary responsibility to maximize the returns of the asset you are buying. To do this, you need to underwrite the asset and the financials as best you can. You have to do the upfront work to calculate what the returns of the project are …

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Multifamily Accelerator

The Multifamily Accelerator The Multifamily Accelerator is perfect for new and experienced investors alike. Even the most-advanced investor will learn strategies that Agostino uses to locate deals, boost returns, enhance cash flow and create investor value. In this 60 hour course, you will learn the different types of real estate, why multifamily is the preferred …

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Multifamily Business Plan

Multifamily Business Plan To win deals, you need to have a business plan to find and close real estate deals.  With the “Multifamily Business Plan” program, you will learn, step-by-step, how to outline your investment strategy, portfolio holdings, the market you will invest in and define your team. It clarifies what you will do and …

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